Why This Blog?

The FAA has been promoting the “Integrated Method” of flight instruction for many years. I have found this technique to be counter productive at the beginning of flight training and very detrimental to a student’s progress. We should always start teaching aircraft control by visual references only. Pilots must be able to fly the airplane by looking out the windows in visual meteorological conditions. The first step is to cover up all of the flight instruments except the power gauge which in most small airplanes is the tachometer.

All flying in any type of airplane involves controlling pitch attitude, bank attitude and yaw at various power settings and flap configurations. All of our students must understand and be able to control the airplane as described below.

The Rules of Flying:

  1. Power plus attitude equals performance
  2. If the power is variable, then control the vertical speed using pitch attitude changes and control the airspeed by changing the power or drag.
  3. If the power is fixed, full, climb, idle or off, then control the airspeed with pitch and accept what ever vertical speed you get.
  4. If the wings are level than the airplane’s heading should not change, if it is changing then there is something wrong with the rudder.
  5. If the wings are banked than the airplane must turn at a rate commensurate with bank angle and airspeed. If not there is something wrong with the rudder.
  6. If the wing is stalled the angle of attack must be reduced first by unloading the wing.

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